Having a dominant eye is completely normal and not something that can really be fixed and doesn’t need to be in any case! The solution is simple. TURN YOUR HEAD. I have even encouraged some players to take a more open stance, with your body pointed towards the corner, similar to if you were playing a traditional Cross-Court shot, to great effect. This change of positioning allows the dominant eye to become involved in spotting the ball and can be used on both the Forehand or Backhand side depending on which eye is dominant.

This is something I now do myself and it has helped me spot the ball as early as I do on the Backhand and I now have the option to Volley a lot more frequently on my Forehand than before.

If you are not sure you can test which of your eyes is the dominant one using the Dolman Method. Look at a faraway object through a small hole in a piece of paper or similar object using only your left eye. Then repeat the process with the right eye. One of the eyes will usually produce a clearer image and feel easier to focus with, indicating dominance. Of course if both eyes feel fine, you are likely to have co-dominance in your eyes and missing those Volley opportunities may be down to something else!